Vision & Goals

Vision Statement

ASBO creates networks of school business officials connecting in collaborative learning teams across the continent and around the world. Using technology and in person face-to-face opportunities, members form professional communities to support one another and share best practices. Membership increases access to cost-effective, meaningful professional development, award and certification programs. Personalized training and creation of a safe, collaborative environment instills a sense of confidence in our school leaders. Former protégés will become mentors, as they are anxious to continue the professional learning network. Mentors volunteer repeatedly as they value the opportunity to meet with peers, and report learning as much as their protégés. Professional learning communities of school business personnel are a proven practice for improving performance of the school business official for financial and operational excellence.

Presidential Theme

I come from a long line of women who love math. My grandmother was a math teacher who became a vice principal of a junior high school. My mother was a NASA aerospace engineer who led teams to program satellites that orbited the north and south pole of Jupiter and the Sun. She was off the chart smart, and inspired me to work harder to keep up with her thinking! Both showed me I was fortunate and would never have an unmet need. They explained this good fortune came with a responsibility to bring others along with me.

My core values have led to my life work with schools and to close the student achievement gap. I believe all students will have options at graduation, and not find themselves in a default career because they have not met college entry requirements. It is our responsibility as business officials to provide the financial and operational leadership in support of a strategic plan and goals that lead to post high school success for ALL students.

My theme would be centered around financial leaders working hand in hand with instructional leaders to drive student success. We need to instill confidence in our work to realize excellence in education and equitable outcomes for all students. We need to tell our stories. We need to share our accomplishments. We need to stay current and learn from our educational leaders. We collaborate, we calibrate, we innovate. We come together to hone our skills and reflect on our performance. We look for ways to improve. We model what we want our students to be. We are life-long learners.


ASBO members tell us the most important factors that impact their decision to attend professional development are: education sessions, location, costs, networking with peers and keynote speakers. Our annual meetings are packed with workshops on leadership, accounting and finance, operations and invigorating keynote speakers. Volunteers carefully select relevant topics to keep us current, and learn about new tools and resources.

During the recession, ASBO needed to keep costs down and signed a long term contract for our Annual Meeting conference centers. Our members told us it was time for a change, and we listened. We are adding new locations for our future conferences.

One of the most frequent comments I hear from members is how important the annual meetings are for building relationships and creating networking opportunities. Our meetings are always full of opportunities to share a meal together or enjoy evening social events. Whether you come not knowing a soul or are returning to many long-term friendships, there are always stories to share and things to learn from our peers.

In the past couple of years we have added an opportunity to take the SFO Certification test while at the conference. Some members prefer to take the electronic version in their local test center, while others enjoy the feeling of camaraderie bound by a strong esprit de corps at the Annual Meeting.

We offer an excellent scholarship program for Emerging School Business Leaders. This program helps build lasting connections with new school business officials, and gives them an opportunity to connect with ASBO leadership right at the beginning of their ASBO experience.

As vice president of the organization, I will work to increase attendance at the annual meeting through:

  • Collaborative partnerships with associations connecting strategic budgeting and courses for the strategic school business official – to augment what is done at the local affiliate level, let ASBO be THE hub open for all national and international school business learning
  • Adding pre-conference trainings and national user group meeting spaces for varying software, tools and resources, e.g. Forecast 5, InTouch, Tyler Technologies, School Dude
  • Creating job-alike and topic specific professional learning teams to share best practices and problems of practice in face-to-face workshops and to extend connections throughout the year through facilitated electronic meeting spaces
  • Offering a variety of meeting locations, exhilarating keynote speakers and energizing networking opportunities to learn from one another