Claire Hertz is Deputy Superintendent of Finance and Operations for Portland Public Schools in Oregon. She completed her BA in Latin American Studies and accounting/finance courses in the Graduate School of Management, University of California at Los Angeles. She earned her Masters of Education in School Business Leadership from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. She has participated in the Harvard University, Graduate College of Education, Executive Leadership Program, and joined Oregon ASBO and ASBO International in 1994.

Claire was appointed by the ASBO Board from 2013-15, and is serving an additional three year director term from 2016-18. She is now running for Vice President. She is past-president of Oregon ASBO where she initiated a mentorship program for new school business officials and has taught for nine years. She speaks Spanish and has traveled to Central America. She feels a sense of urgency to ensure equity of student outcomes that will not be predicted by race, ethnicity, family economics, gender, disability or initial proficiency.

Claire and her husband Joe have five children and three grandchildren.

Claire has also received awards and served her state association in various roles such as:

  • 2018 recipient of the Oregon ASBO Outstanding Service Award
  • Eagle Award Winner
  • Certificate of Excellence for Financial Reporting
  • Meritorious Budget Award
  • Smarter School Spending
  • Oregion ASBO’s New Business Manager Institute mentor and instructor
  • Oregon ASBO Past President
  • Current ASBO Int’l Director
Claire received the 2018 Oregon ASBO Outstanding Service Award. The award was presented by Michelle Morrison, OASBO Past President.
Claire teaching and mentoring the New Business Manager Institute proteges.